DOKPUNT: The Future of Interaction

DOKPUNT: The Future of Interaction
April 14, 2015 Nupky

DOKPUNT: The Future of Interaction

During the Dutch Design Week (2014) I gave two lectures about the Future of Interaction and Wearable Tech at DOKPUNT, showcasing the ideologies driving the development of Tingle and [ ]. We are not aiming for just a product, we are aiming for a future.


DOKPUNT is a design collective that builds, showcases and sells the fusion of design and technology.

Each generation has their own view on what business is, because each generation has had different societal & tech- nological situations to consider. At the moment we are in the age of social media and a connected world. Every person’s voice has become the force behind innovation, and with this a demand for technology to be human.


But what of the future?

People See that they are becoming a fake identity of their positivism charged social profiles. The next step is the re-finding of the modern micro-cultures. “Boutique” Will be valued over “mass manufacture”. The future of creative entrepreneurship will be to please the micro-culture, by moving towards a world that seems without technology, but will more and more be driven by it behind the scenes.



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