Tingle 2013 – The First Version

Tingle 2013 – The First Version
April 13, 2015 Nupky

Tingle 2013 – The First Version

After a half year the first version of Tingle was done. Made possible through a webcam, some custom software and a custom built pin-art. Tingle showed what it was like to turn synesthesia into something real and addictively fun.

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Music has often been linked to students who are more successful in school. It teaches persistence towards results, it teaches discipline, it is self-expression and it leads to social benefits (bands, choirs, campfire playing etc). Unfortunately, many of the lower education schools do not give music lessons any more, as the value is not seen. This project aimed to give these students an enticing way to quickly learn music and remain part of the musical community.

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A side problem is that musical instruments have stayed the same for decades. Any explorations into new musical instruments either became run-offs on older instruments (piano-like instruments) or abstract art installations (footballs that create buzzy clicks when spun). With Tingle, the aim was to make a musical instrument of the 21st century that had a character to its own.


Tingle is a new musical instrument, which is used to teach music. It looks like the pin-board toy from your youth, except that the 3D landscape that you created with whatever you put underneath it, now translates into musical sound. With your hands you mould, and form the sound to generate a “musical landscape”. It is a 3D version of the sound visualizers normally embedded in music softwares and is a common visual representation for sound. This metaphor makes it easier for music students to link their actions to the created sounds.


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