Designing a sustainable, yet branded packaging solution for disposables.

Large companies often publish a lot of magazines and flyers (and other media) that show their brand and identity. What if we collect these already branded materials and re-use them for packaging and disposable products from the same company? This reduces the amount of waste and changes the life of products from a lifespan to a life-cycle.

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When creating a life-cycle for packaging, shopping bags and disposables, it is important to keep the personality and values of the company in the product. Our solution, Brandcycling, uses the produced paper publications from the company as re-used packaging or products. This will keep a pallet of the company’s advertisements and images as a personal touch that is implemented into a new product’s life-cycle.

Very Environmental Products

A new problem arises, however. How can we stimulate people to bring their old catalogue? A transition from disposables to more re-using system has to take place. Returning the materials to the original company the customers receives VEP points in return.

With these VEP points, the customer can buy special, very high quality and up-cycled products. Only people with the VEP points can buy them, making them exclusive for consciously contributing customers and a pride-object to own.