Nsure Technologies

Piccolo & Butler

Designing the form & identity for Nsure’s product line of affordable smart home devices (the Piccolo & Butler).

Nsure makes the home Internet of Things (‘IoT’) application available to all by introducing a simple, affordable product line of ‘smart’ home devices. As part of OOOH Studio I supported Nsure with all their design and technology needs; from brand identity, interactive product demonstrators, to websites, and videos.

Web Design
Product Design
Interactive Demonstrators

Welcome home

Nsure Technologies is a new contender in the IoT connected home market with the ambition to make the connected home a commodity.

OOOH Studio supported Nsure with the design of it’s entire line of smart home products; starting with the Butler and the P1 Dongle, and ending with the Piccolo shown here.

Smaller, flexible and just better smart-thermostat

Piccolo has all the perks of its bigger competitors, and instead of squeezing all the features into one device, uses your smartphone as your main interface. This makes Piccolo simpler to use and far more affordable. A connected home for everyone.

Smart-home butler

The Butler was the original smart thermostat and a connected home controller we designed for Nsure. Just like its name implies, the Nsure Butler is a wall-mounted device existing solely to serve you better. Butler takes care of your home’s air quality and temperature, it saves you energy, keeps you informed about the weather, manages the maintenance of your devices, keeps your home safe and secure.

Nsure’s identity & website

Next to the product identity of Nsure’s first product line, we’ve created an overall visual identity for Nsure, as well as the styles for online and offline media.

Nsure’s logo visualises books on a shelf; with one book playfully tipped over. All other visual elements of the UX we carefully designed to hint towards relatable things in your home; e.g. a heater for temperature control, or a fan for air quality, or an electric plug for energy consumption. Using these iconic metaphors makes the digital functions understandable for all.