NSURE is the butler for your connected home.

NSURE is a product that connects all the smart devices in your home (Internet of Things devices) to one central brain; the thermostat.

When we started this project with NSURE, there had been a lot of work done on the electronics and the market/user research. The feasibility was clear for this project, but it still required full attention to all aspects of design. We were tasked to deliver the full package of design.

We worked with NSURE to develop their vision / identity / voice, their branding, their logo, their office stationary, their business cards, their presentation materials, and also the complete Product Design, User Experience design (UX), User Interface design (UI) for the product, and their online presence (website).

As with all our projects, NSURE’s development was done through intensive design iterations and regular meetings with the team. From these meetings we could establish the areas that had already received attention, the areas that hadn’t, and most importantly; the areas where the foundation needed to be questioned.

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Welcome, Smart Home.

NSURE needed to be like a digital butler. To achieve this image we first went to work making detailed mood boards to find the emotion NSURE needed to capture. NSURE’s team made clear which emotions they most wanted for the project, and from here we sketched out many logo ideas. After getting feedback on these, a selection of top three were made and these were explored into a very fine amount of detail. Again a selection was made of the top three here and these were explored into fine nuance, but now also including a full visual branding. At this stage the logo and brand were finished and were worked into office stationary, presentation materials and business cards.

Next up was the NSURE product. This went through a similar back-and-forth reflection process shown above, but now with the attention placed more on Product Design, User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Design (UI), Electronics Development, and Creative Programming.

Once the design was approved, the product was 3D modelled and then built into an expertly crafted prototype. To make the prototype experience complete, the internal screen and demonstration material required us to develop the electronics, programming and animation. This ensured that the product not only looked great, but also worked as though it already existed.