Smart Cities

The fantasy of an Architect. What is a Smart City and Eindhoven’s role in it’s future.

The Architecture faculty of Eindhoven’s University of Technology came to us with the challenge of explaining to the average passerby “What would a Smart City be like?”. They were looking for a video that could be used during the 2015 Dutch Design Week, where they would be showcasing not only their current work in Smart Cities, but also their future plans and collaborations. The video needed to share all of this information, in a simple to understand, yet richly informative way.

The video was developed through an iterative process with many meetings with the client. We went from initial overview and questioning, to a global vision for the video, to storyboarding, to a reviewed video storyboard, to an early draft, to a final draft and then the true final video.

The tone of the video is that of an architect working at the Smart City Center, asking the question “What would a smart city be like?”.

The nameless architect is the first thing you see as the video starts, and you dive in to his architectural dreamsĀ for the cities of the future. From there we listen to him exploring his fantasies for what these Smart Cities could be, and watch as these fantasies are overlaid ontop of the city he currently lives in. His moving sketches for the future.Ā And once his ideas have been shared, he picks up his drawing paper and walks away with the moving sketches in hand.