[ ]

[ ] (pronounced as “tchk tchk”) is a wearable gaming console that allows you to play an infinite number of games that are all about having active fun; with a healthier lifestyle as a pleasant side effect.

Pronounced as “tchk tchk”, [ ] is a device that transforms any sport tool (e.g. basketball shoe, tennis racquet, hockey stick) into a game-controller for an audio-enabled sport/game. You can connect [ ] onto your sport tool in different ways (wristband, clip-on, sticker), and it transforms, for example, playing basketball into a gaming experience; with different levels and sound-rewards that only trigger when the user is above their personal sporting best. The resulting reward tells the other players that the user of [ ] is doing very well in the sport at that moment, which in turn opens up the social dialogue and social rewards.

  • The allure of enjoyment and the temptation of XP points; now that is something that seriously tickles our geek fueled fancy!

    Damn Geeky

This project was born because of a past addiction to World of Warcraft which lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle. One day I had my brother remove my account, and when I looked around the real world, nothing was as fun or friendly as your doing raids with your clan. Sports were one of the best ways to make new friends, but if you were not good at them, you were often left out. That is why the goal of this project was to create an enhancement to sports and outdoor games that used gaming techniques to appeal to gamers who were not doing enough exercise or socializing (wellbeing). [ ] is the result and it embraces gaming as a tool for behavior change without treating indoor or outdoor gaming as more ethical.

For this project, the design of the game for [ ] was tailored towards getting gamers to play basketball, but the ultimate aim of [ ] is to be a sport-gaming ‘console’ for all sports. With basketball [ ] was connected onto the players shoe using a belt-clip and the game focused on a handicap-system to hand out rewards.