Tingle – 2014

Tingle brings the acoustic touch and feel to the digital music controller.

Tingle is a new music controller which brings back the tactile and gestural ways of playing music which we knew from acoustic instruments, to electronic music instruments. It looks like the pin-board toy from your youth, except that the 3D landscape that you create with whatever you put underneath it, now translates into musical sound. With your hands you mould, and form the sound to generate a “musical landscape”. You can feel the pressures and shapes change with your actions and sense every small sound transformation back in your fingertips, as well as your ears.

  • What sound would your face make? Or a banana? Or… name it! If it has a shape then it makes music.


Electronic music synthesis has been an important step in the evolution of music. Since it’s invention in the 1950’s, it has opened doors to previously impossible levels of sound-creation, and thereby transformed music to what it is now. The transition was rapid. So rapid in fact, that the tools we created to control the advanced computer softwares have had to rely on the physical interfaces we were using at the time to talk with computers; Dials, sliders and buttons. And over the years, this has largely stayed the same. Because of this we have lost the bending, hitting, shaking, sliding, vibrating and plucking that made traditional music instruments great! Coupled with sound, these traits were the very reasons that reminded you why you continued playing to this day!

The pins in Tingle press back softly against your finger; like a piano key. And when enough pins are pressed, the body & pins vibrate with the sound; much like the body of a guitar when you strum it. And lastly, you can warp Tingle’s sound to your will by holding it at different angles for more gestural play!

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