DOKPUNT - Interior Rebuild

A short look back on the DOKPUNT interior rebuild for the grand opening.


Song: Life in Grey

By: Point Point


La Familia

A short video of my family's holiday to Italy this summer (Lago di Garda & Como). A half year late, but better late than never.


Song: Amputate

By: Jakob Freely & The Mixtape Bandits


Design Cares 2012 - WDC Helsinki Design Week

Client: Eindhoven University of Technology, Design Academy Eindhoven, Aalto University

There is only one letter separating 'cure' and 'care', but with healthcare costs increasing and quality of life at stake, the impact of this one letter is huge! Design Cares about your wellbeing, and showcases breakthrough solutions designed by design students to help you, your community and your society change for the better.


Design students from Design Academy Eindhoven, Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology and Aalto University Helsinki exhibit how a strong design approach creates meaningful solutions for personal, social and societal health and wellbeing. Design thinking is used to generate holistic solutions that make a difference by creating value for end-users, care-providers and other stakeholders.


Although each institute has a different approach towards design education, all schools think the human factor is increasingly missing in the current health environment. People are replaced by technical and tectonic solutions whereas often a friendly word, a touch, or a smile is an important part in what we need to feel better. It is in design's understanding of the subtleties of human relations with each other that encourage a new culture of wellbeing and health to be learned and adopted.


Design Cares is about improving the quality of life and lowering healthcare costs through designs that help you care for yourself, care for others and care for all of us.


Who Cares? Increase your wellbeing.


Hobo Holiday - La Plagne "Paradiski"

Cut down from 15+ hours of GoPro HD footage, this is a short movie showing a small portion of the fun we had during our winter holiday trip to "Paradiski" in La Plagne, France.


BrainPulse - GLOW Festival

Client: ILI Openlight

A team of Industrial Design students of Eindhoven University of Technology takes the visitors of Glow on a journey into the brain of a researcher. In this context, the façade of the main building provides room for interactive play between the Glow visitor and the building, representing the synapses of the human brain. The lighting design expresses the activities that take place behind the façade, using an array of lights that reside in the rooms, making optimal use of the spatial characteristics of the building. In the course of the last 55 years, the university has grown into a platform in which research transforms into innovations. During the Glow festival the building opens up to the public and awaits to be inspired. Visitors contribute by making use of flashing equipment, such as those found in standard devices like digital cameras, to inspire the brain and experience innovation.

“TU/e Where innovation starts”


Cases On Campus

Client: Lucid Study Association

Promotional video for the September 2011 'Cases On Campus' that was held at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven by Lucid Study Association. Students brainstormed with guest companies (Bureau CQ, TNO and Studio Uberdutch) to develop new design opportunities.


Goofy vs. Regular Europe

Competition footage of the Goofy vs. Regular Europe (GVR) 2009 championships held at Area 51 skatepark in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Regular wins the event.

Most Valuable Players: Axel Cruysberghs (Regular) and Rob Maatman (Goofy)
Best Trick Winner: Denny Pham (Goofy) with a nollie backside 360 heelflip on stair


Filmed with a Sony DCR-VX1000E and a Century Optics MK1 Super Fisheye Lens.


Rotterdam Grand Prix of Skateboarding

Some highlights of the Rotterdam Grand Prix of Skateboarding held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I was not allowed a press pass for some reason, so I constantly tried to get better shots but was grabbed out by security the whole time. By the start of the second day security would not leave me alone so I could not get any decent spots.


Filmed with a Sony DCR-VX1000E and a Century Optics MK1 Deathlens.


Remco Staak - Sponsor Edit

A sponsor edit for Remco Staak who recently got added to the Toy Machine family. His other sponsors are Emerica and "015 Boards and Lifestyle" skate shop.


Filmed with a Sony DCR-VX1000E and a Century Optics MK1 Super Fish eye lens.


Volcom Wild In The Park Finals

Montage of Volcom WITP 2008 Finals in Amsterdam Skatepark. I had the worst luck filming this competition.. it seemed that with nearly every awesome trick that was landed i either missed it or someone walked in front of the camera at that point. Filmed with a Sony DCR-VX1000E and a Century Optics MK1 Super Fish-eye lens.