United Nude – Performance Heel

Performance Heel

A dynamic store-front window display for the United Nude flagship store in Amsterdam. It is a colour changing textile that wraps around one of their shoes, and changes depending on passer-by’s actions.

This is my final bachelor project for Industrial Design at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Working with the OPENLight team and United Nude I developed a highly dynamic light embedded textile to be wrapped around a United Nude shoe as a show model for the United Nude flagship store in Amsterdam.

The Performance Heel is an innovative, “theater-like” storefront window display. It bridges the gap between highly dynamic television commercials and static window displays with an eye-catching and beautiful light show embedded into the textile of the shoe. This demonstration piece adds “wow” and magic to the already eccentric United Nude name. A motion tracking program allows passer-by’s to browse the entire color collection of the Fold High on one shoe.

Industrial / Product Design
Wearable Technology
Basic Electrical Engineering
Programming (Camera Tracking)