Design Cares

Exhibition / Video / Web designer for an exhibit about student work around the topic of designing for wellbeing.

During this year’s World Design Capital Helsinki Design Week and Dutch Design Week I was the Project Manager, Video / Content Editor and Web developer for the “Design Cares” exhibition. This exhibition was set up to show student work around the topic of designing for wellbeing, from the University of Technology Eindhoven, Design Academy Eindhoven and Aalto University (Finland).

The exhibitions took place in the hearts of both design weeks; namely the remarkable Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas) in Helsinki and the Town Hall (Stadhuis) in Eindhoven. They were exceptionally popular with both visitors and press, and it was very well visited (around 10,000 in Eindhoven).

There is only one letter separating ‘cure’ and ‘care’, but with healthcare costs increasing and quality of life at stake, the impact of this one letter is huge! Design Cares about your wellbeing, and showcases breakthrough solutions designed by design students to help you, your community and your society change for the better.

Design Cares is about improving the quality of life and lowering healthcare costs through designs that help you care for yourself, care for others and care for all of us.


Who Cares? Increase your wellbeing.