Jimmy Woo – Shǒu shàn

Shôu shàn

A lighting installation that senses and reacts to the music and dancing in a club, which in turn triggers more dancing! Made to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the Jimmy Woo club.

OOOH Studio and V3RS design joined forces to create the new eye-gazing interactive light installation for Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam: A notorious and glorious club with a 15 year long heritage that is known for its already impressive light experience.

CLIENT: Jimmy Woo


SUPPORTED BY: V3RS designVentionJaromirInventdesign

Spatial design
Interactive sculpture
Coded visuals
Sensor driven

Interactive clubbing sculpture

For this new light experience we were asked to encourage dancing in the newly renovated club space. To give guests an exciting club experience, which they had never felt before, we designed a grand interactive light sculpture inspired by traditional asian hand-fan’s.

Beams of LED-light function as the fan’s constructive core and are surrounded by a composition of etched mirrors. This  creates new sight-lines to the interior whilst adding to the overal eclectic oriental spirit of the club.

Sensing and reacting

We created a series of light interactions that observed the movements of guests through a grid of sensors which capture warmth, movement and sound. Using this data we generated a visually appealing motion of light that reacts to the captured activity on the dance floor. The interaction was inspired by the idea of the club’s mythical entity; ‘Jimmy Woo’ who watches over the club.


For the interior V3RS and OOOH have created a layered design. While the reference to the traditional hand-fans is clear, a custom Rorschach-like pattern for the mirrors was added later. It references the Terracotta army of Emperor Qin. The army is only to be found when you take time to look for it.


The result is a reflecting upwards cycle of movement in which the guest are the driving force behind the total club experience. An experience that goes beyond just mesmerising guests.

The project is a contemporary result of OOOH studio’s ongoing research in creating new interactive installations and products that transform technology into emotion and translate the digital into physical.