Prodrive Products & Services

Prodrive Products & Services

Showcasing ‘a passion for technology’ for one of The Netherlands’ most ambitious technology companies.

Between 2015 – 2018, my design studio was the creative partner of choice for Prodrive Technologies. Our work ranged from industrial design, web development, interactive exhibition stands, brand assets, and videos. Here is a small selection of my work.

  1. UX / UI Design
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Video
  4. Branding

CLIENT: Prodrive Technologies


– Industrial / Product Design
– Interaction / Service Design
– UX / UI Design (Online)
– Branding, Video, Marketing,

1. Digital passion.

For this fast growing technology company, with its thriving collective ambition, we created a website to showcase every aspect of the company’s culture.


To inspire new job applications, Prodrive Technologies wanted to showcase the full spectrum of their company culture. In its shortest form this came down to 155 words.

We created an interactive version of the company culture description which compressed these values into an easier to digest package. One sentence.

2. Honest products.

We designed an industrial design framework which could be applied to almost all of Prodrive Technologies’ products. Their products are designed to feel exclusive, yet honest. Being passionate about technology means that top design does not need to be flashy to get attention.

3. Meaningful videos.

Prodrive Technologies is a rapidly growing company, and this is fuelled by the range of youthful approaches they take to innovation. They create meaningful technologies which make the world work. This very human aspect to innovation is why the brand movie we made for them merges emotion with technology.

4. Scalable branding.

We designed and produced close to all of the branding materials Prodrive Technologies now use. Although they are a young company, their ambition to be the world leader in their field is undeniable. For this reason, all of the branding work is curated to ensure that they portray themselves as a serious corporation, without losing their touch with young culture.