Social Eggsperiment

Based on the TV show community, this social ‘eggsperiment’ is a playful, interactive exhibition to showcase the core values of the TV show: ‘Community’

In this module we worked on creating an interactive exhibition to showcase the core values of a TV show (which for us was ‘community’).

The show is all about learning social lessons, by placing people in situations often reserved for social experiments. This is done in a childish style with an adult humor/drama dialogue. The social lesson being that every person’s differences strengthen a group’s bond.

For our social eggsperiment we want to see if people will destroy a community to save their own egg, or sacrifice their egg to save the community. Both sacrifices have intricate deaths that are a lot of fun. This is done to follow the style of the show. A community can be launched by catapult to egg-heaven, or your own egg can be splattered by a huge weight. This video demonstrates the scenario.

Instructions at the exhibition are shown using carefully clipped movie segments, to imitate a main character (Abed) who can only make sense of reality through television.